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Kommetjie: there is a lot to say about this unique village, rich in History and in the vibrancy and tranquillity as it lives today. We will leave the History to be discovered in the local library and concentrate on living in Kommetjie during times when space is becoming an increasing luxury, for all species.

Fortunately Kommetjie is reasonably protected from urbanisation in that it is washed by the Atlantic Ocean’s marine reserve from the West to the North and blanketed by Nature Reserve for most of the Eastern and Southern Side. The koppie and mountainside on the South and East sides provide shelter from the South East wind, usually visiting from November to February. With the village facing North, embracing the winter sun and timeless sea and mountain views, one can boast that it has a perfect position. Not many people know, but you have a perfect view of a large part of Table Mountain from the back, almost looking flatter than from the well-known Blouberg side.

As small as it is, Kommetjie does have distinct nodes or suburbs, starting with the Old Kom area, which as its name states, is the older, more established part of the village. The central area consists of both houses and shops, 3 churches, a pre-primary and primary school, 6 restaurants, 2 bars, a few small shops, a food and wine deli, the local hairdresser and beautician, a surf shop, the vet, the post office, the library, a health shop, a video store, a book shop, a garage, a laundromat and a number of estate agencies and a few other businesses. Next there are the areas close to the main surfing beach (we will keep all the other world-class surfing spots in the area a secret), and slightly further back in the form of street circles and cul-de-sacs, keeping traffic to a minimum and preserving the peace and quiet. The mountainside area, with beautiful sea and mountain views, lies to the South of the town. Relatively new and young is the Riverside area, with slightly larger properties and at its furthest point not more than a 10 minute walk to the beach. The last two areas are the thatched area, where you will only find homes in the form of white-washed walls and thatched roofs and Klein Slangkop Private Estate – an eco-friendly 24 hour gated access controlled area at the Northern most point of Kommetjie.

The beachfront properties run from the very beautiful, rocky Old Kom area, passed the vibrant slipway guiding the fishing boats in and out to sea, through to the Surfers car park at the beginning of the white, sandy beach which stretches past a variety of large, beachfront homes before reaching the picturesque white thatches, then past Klein Slangkop Private Estate and on to meet Long Beach which spreads into a wide, rugged, magnificent beach 5km to Noordhoek and Chapmans Peak. In total there are currently just over 950 properties in Kommetjie of which 110 are on the seafront.

There are a number of greenbelts and places to stroll if you would like a change from the beach or you do not have the energy to climb the koppie (which is well worth the effort). A stroll along the boardwalk to the lighthouse, especially at sunset, will take even the hardest day’s troubles away. Natural sightings in the area include baboons, clawless otters, whales, porcupines, abundant bird species, leopard toads, deer and the odd sighting of a lynx.

There are a large selection of schools within a 10km radius, from private schooling (Silvermine Academy), government schooling (Sun Valley and Fish Hoek) to alternative education such as Waldorf (Imhoff Farm) and Synergy (2km outside Kommetjie) and various home schools.

Kommetjie’s ratio of holiday versus permanent residents (approx. 30/70) is constantly changing as more families seek the sanctuary of past lifestyles such as children playing in the street, cycling to school and neighbours recognising/knowing each other in the absence of high walls. There is a great sense of community and looking out for one another. The Kommetjie Residents and Rate Payers Association KRRA are always hard at work in the interests of the sustainability of the village and KOMWATCH are the local neighbourhood watch who keep our relatively safe community even safer. You are also close enough to the Mother city so that when you need to commute, it is not too far; but when you are here, you are far enough away to not feel like you are living in a city.

The sea is rough and the air is alive with the scent of kelp, milkwood trees and fynbos. Sounds vary from the crashing and lapping of the waves to the timeous church bells, the call of the birds and the wind sounding the weather forecast. And when the stars are clouded by a storm you can count on the lighthouse to keep the torch shining bright.
You will find more area information on Kommetjie on the site: www.kommetjie.org

Klein Slangkop Private Estate

This unique residential site juts into the Atlantic Ocean with uninterrupted views in the North-West overlooking Hout Bay, Chapman’s Peak and Noordhoek Beach.

In the South one can enjoy the splendour of Slangkop and Kommetjie Beach.

The Southern Right Whales visit the shore annually and during September until late November, they are often seen breaching and tailing. If you listen carefully they are frequently heard late into the night.

Early in the morning you may be fortunate enough to see otters playing on the beach or swimming in the sea and on occasion visiting the Estate. Porcupines regularly visit our gardens while lynx, deer and tortoise may be seen roaming the reserve. In Klein Slangkop you will enjoy a sense of tranquillity and space in this pristine seaside environment.

All planting is strictly indigenous which protects the natural habitat of the many birds, creatures and animals home to this area. Since it is not a security estate as such, the levies are only R750 per month, which pays towards the upkeep of the open areas, the 24 hour gated access control and the guards who patrol the estate on bicycles. There are 107 stands in the Estate in total of which 26 have not yet been developed, with a significant amount of green/open spaces still left in various nodes to preserve the rural feeling. All residents are part of a Home Owners Association and there are various building guidelines and estate rules that need to be accepted and adhered to, once again preserving the ethos of the estate and the protection of the wildlife in and around the area.

Imhoffs Gift and Bluewater Estate

2 km outside Kommetjie, bordering the East of Imhoff Farm, with its very popular farm village shops, restaurants, Pre-primary school, Waldorf school and stables, lie Bluewater Estate and Imhoffs Gift. Both areas face North, sharing the same beautiful views, feeling of space and tranquillity, overlooking the Wilde Voelvlei (wild bird marsh/lake) with its many species of birds, forming part of the SANparks Nature Reserve. The open land to the South is privately owned and approval has been given for the development of an upmarket wine estate, known as Kompanjestuin. The future and timing of this estate is not yet known.

Bluewater Estate is a gated, security village which does give comfort to those seeking the advantages of added security staff and 24 hour surveillance. The levies are R525 per month which is a bit more than the R200 per month due from the residents of Imhoffs Gift. Although the entrance road into Imhoffs Gift is boomed at night and the boundary along the Kommetjie road has fencing and cameras, it is open along the entire front side facing the reserve, which does allow one to enjoy the full impact and beauty of the lake and the tranquillity and freedom of the life that breeds there. Whichever area you choose, you will experience the luxury of wide open spaces, beautiful views and a nature reserve at your front door.

There are 152 properties in Imhoffs Gift of which 29 are on the waterfront and 108 properties in Bluewater Estate of which 17 are in the front row. Imhoffs Gift is more than 95% developed whereas Bluewater Estate is still in its early stages and is approximately 25% developed. Both areas have attracted relatively young families who appreciate the peace and quiet and the sense of neighbourhood for their children and themselves. There are lovely walks along the lake and many cul-de-sacs for safe playing and bike riding.

All residents are part of one of the two Home Owners Associations and there are various building guidelines and estate rules that need to be accepted and adhered to, once again preserving the ethos of the two estates and the protection of the wildlife in and around the area.


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